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Blank Guns

Uzzi Semi Automatic blank gun @R2500 On Sale

Semi Automatic blank gun 

1 x mag

1x extended mag.


No blanks include


Blow F92  blank gun @ R1800 each On Sale

Blow f92 blank gun

Blow mini 9 blank gun @ R1300 On Sale

Blow mini 9 blank gun


TR9202 Blank Firing Gun

Blank firing gun replica of Beretta type firearm. All parts of gun working like real firearm and while shooting the …

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BLOW TR17 GLOCK @ R1600 On Sale


Blow CZ75 9MM BLANK GUN @R2000 On Sale

The BLOW C75 Blank gun is a replica of the CZ 75


Specs :


Venting : Front-firing

Shooting mode : Semi auto

Safety : Yes

Weight : 10…

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850nm Infrared LEDs IR Night Vision Scope Cameras Wildlife Trap Camera

Day and Night use hunting night vision device, it can provide a color view in the daytime, white and black in night. 
The actual effect of huntin…

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BLOW F92 FUME @ R1800 On Sale

Calibre 9 mm

>> Overall Lenght 215 mm

>> Widht 38 mm

>> Height 140 mm

>> Weight 1150 g

>> Magazine Capacity 17+1 pieces

Semi …

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Blow F92 Blank Gun + 50 blanks. On Sale

Blank Gun

50 blanks


Blow F92 silver + 10 blanks On Sale

Replica blank-firing model of the M92 (Beretta-style) firearm. The metal slide action mimics real firing, and it features a comfortable ergonomic gri…

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Certification card of ownership - blank guns

Certification card for blank guns. Proof of ownership and instructions when saps take blank gun.

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