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Ashtac rifle sling picture On Sale

Ashtac one point bungee sling

Ashtac p50 torch picture On Sale

1500 LUMENS torch. 

3 settings. 

Usb Rechargeable 

Ashtac monster 1350 lumens gun torch picture On Sale


Delivery by 30 June 2023



Ashtac Monster Magnetic Rechargeable 1350 lm Light for Pistols with a 20mm rail. This amazing light is spec…

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Ashtac mini 800  gun torch picture On Sale

Ashtac mini 800 gun torch.
800 lumens
Quick released
Build in battery
Usb charger
Daily waterproof

Please note the is the same as Gm23 torch.


Ashtac  mini 800 gun torch picture On Sale

Introducing the Ashtac Mini 800 Tactical Pistol Light – Illuminate Your Path!

Unleash the power of illumination with the Ashtac Mini 800 Tactical Pist…

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Ashtac Green Laser gun Torch +90 degree handheld torch picture On Sale

Ashtac green laser torch Combo max out put 600L and 500 L handheld torch for edc.

Torch take 1 x cr123A battery.

Ashtac Extreme 1500Lumens gun torch picture On Sale

1500 lumens

Build in battery

Magnetic charger

Clip on rail

ASG ULTRAIR CO2 88 GR picture

Co2 88 gr. as high quality construction cartridge with unbeatable performance.

8 pcs ulitlty belt picture On Sale

8pcs ulitlty belt

850nm Infrared LEDs IR Night Vision Scope Cameras Wildlife Trap Camera picture

Day and Night use hunting night vision device, it can provide a color view in the daytime, white and black in night. 
The actual effect of huntin…

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68CAL PEPPER BALLS (10 Balls) picture On Sale

Pepper Ball is a projectile weapon containing a certain amount of capsaicin powder that burn ones eyes and nose once shot with it or caught in the ra…

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600D SHADO picture

Shado holster made out of 600D material. 

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