Liitokala lii-100 one bay battery charger picture


R 220


Input : DC5V/1A

Output : DC4.2V 500mA/1000mA
             DC1.48V 500mA/1000mA

              DC3.65V 500mA/1000mA
              DC4.35V 500mA/1000mA

              DC 5V 1000mA

Compalible with Ni-MH/Cd. AA AAA A SC Sizes

3.7V Li-ion Battery include: 26650,22650,26500,18650,


- Read Instruction before use!

- Operate only with the supplied AC adapter!

LiitoKala Lii-100 is designed for portable, flexible and multi types of batteries. It can detect the battery type and charge the battery automatically under your selected charging current. Built-in LED indicators to display the charging status and 5V / 100mAh USB output function.

Main Features:
● USB output function: Built with 5V / 1000mAh output
● Flexible size: One-slot charging and management system, Micro USB DC 5V input port, portable to carry around
● 500mAh, 1000mAh charging current for selection
● CC / CV charge mode to maintain a constant current flow and protect battery and users' safety
● LED indicators display the charging status 25pct - 50pct - 75pct - 100pct
● When you charge LiFePO4 or 3.85V battery, must fix the charging mode: Identifies 1.2V Ni-MH / 3.7V Li-ion batteries automatically and select manually for 3.85V Li-ion batteries and LiFePO4 battery
● Refresh function for 0V battery
● Identify dead or badbatteries
● Protections: over-charge, over-discharge, reverse polarity, short circuit protections

Constant charging with cut-off current less than 100mAh
Output voltage: 1000mAh and output voltage is 4.75 - 5.25V
Cut-off voltage for output: 3.0 + / - 0.1V
Standby current: No more than 15mAh
Output current500mAh / 1000mAh

- Can't charge 1.6 - 2.2V batteries.
- Batteries are not included

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