Foto booth 115. [7 people max] picture
Foto booth 115. [7 people max] picture

Foto booth 115. [7 people max]

R 36,000

Introducing the WiViKiosk 360 Photo Booth – the ultimate solution for capturing stunning real-time green screen 360 photos and videos! This cutting-edge booth is designed to provide an immersive experience for your customers and take your events to the next level.

Constructed with a durable combination of aluminium and steel, this booth comes in a sleek black color, exuding a modern and professional vibe. It is suitable for various camera types, including sport cameras, digital cameras, and DSLR cameras, ensuring compatibility with your preferred equipment.

One of the standout features of the WiViKiosk is its ability to create the popular Bullet Time Effect. By spinning the arm in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, you can capture mesmerizing shots from all angles, creating a dynamic and visually stunning result.

The camera angle and height are fully adjustable, allowing you to achieve the perfect perspective for your shots. The booth's steel and aluminium construction ensures firm and stable operation, even with high payloads. You can comfortably fit up to seven people on the spinner, maximizing the fun and excitement for your guests.


- Product Name: WiViKiosk 360 Photo Booth
- Maximum Load Capacity: 400KG
- Maximum Standing: 2-8 people
- Supported Camera: High-speed Cameras, Canon DSLR, or iPad
- Video Shooting Type: Spinning Arm
- Control Mode: Manual/Human driven

Ashtac, a trusted dropshipper, is pleased to offer this remarkable photo booth. When you order through Ashtac, you'll receive the added benefits of free international courier service, ensuring a prompt delivery within 14 days. Additionally, Ashtac provides free branding of the booth with your own logo, allowing you to showcase your brand identity.

Please note that import taxes will be applicable, and you will be responsible for paying them to the courier, specifically at the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Elevate your event experiences and impress your customers with the WiViKiosk 360 Photo Booth. Place your order today and unlock endless creative possibilities for capturing memories that will last a lifetime.


Ashtac do give warranties or guarantees on prroducts.

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